Holistic Women's Self-Healing Practices

Whole Body Goddess™ offers experiential workshops and one-to-one coaching for spiritually aware women who want to cultivate radiant beauty, sexual vitality, confidence, and magnetism--at any age!

Physical Benefits:                                                               

  • Ignite physical vitality, for radiant health and beauty at any age.
  • Reduce tension and increase strength and flexibility in the pelvic floor area, preventing or addressing problems such as organ prolapse and age-related or trauma-related issues.
  • Increase hormone production in a safe and balanced way for physical rejuvenation.

Emotional and Mental Benefits:                                                  

  • Expand your body image way beyond cultural stereotypes and gain unshakeable appreciation of your value as a woman.
  • Heal emotional wounds due to difficult sexual and relationship experiences, for more inner freedom and emotional self-sufficiency.
  • Claim sovereignty over your own body.
  • Empower your creativity, work, and play.
  • Gain increased understanding, appreciation, and compassion for both men and women.
  • See through cultural lies about the “nature” of women and allow your unique qualities of feminine energy to express themselves.

Social and Cultural Benefits:                                                        

  • Nourish yourself, your family, and your community based on groundedness in your authentic feminine energy rather than habitual behavioral expectations.
  • Awaken and strengthen the fierce and relentless qualities of the Divine feminine so desperately needed in our time to uphold and protect Life, Love, humane values, and the ecological sustainability of the Earth.
  • Contribute to the healing and evolution of our culture by creating  more life-supporting, balanced, healthy, harmonious, mutually beneficial relationships between the sexes, providing a broader and deeper foundation for family and social life.
  • Bridge the devastating disconnect between physical incarnation (including sexuality) and spirituality that still pervades most cultures in our world today.

Why "Whole Body"?

“Whole body” means that the holistic women's health modalities we use address all levels of our individuality—

  • the physical body
  • vitality and creative energy
  • mental/ emotional well-being in our day-to-day lives
  • our relationships in their many dimensions
  • creative self-expression
  • intellect and intuition
  • the spiritual dimension at the foundation of our lives.

All the self-care practices I teach derive their depth and healing power from the engagement and integration of mind, heart-feeling, and body—with particular attention to the female reproductive organs.

The female reproductive system is the physical and energetic seat of our creative power as women.  This creative power can be expressed in innumerable ways—through birthing and nurturing children; through artistic expression, intellectual creativity, and work in and out of the home; through nourishing self-care, caring for family and community; and through our contributions to uplifting the world and guiding the evolution of human culture.

Why "Goddess"?

“Goddess” specifically addresses the spiritual dimension of a woman’s self-concept and self-esteem.  For thousands of years, Western civilization—along with most other world cultures—has been heavily influenced by patriarchal religions that have relegated women to second-class status.  The Western patriarchal religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—have consistently spoken of and depicted the Divine in almost exclusively masculine terms, at least in their popular, widely practiced forms. 

The more esoteric and mystical branches of the religions—mystical Christianity and Christian groups venerating the Virgin Mary, Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism), and Sufism (esoteric Islam)—have incorporated more acknowledgement of the feminine aspects of the Divine and more appreciation of feminine values than the mainstream versions of these religions.

I believe that it is essential—even for secular women who don't consciously relate to their ancestral religions—to revisit, reconsider, and repair the often unconscious archetypal religious underpinnings of our psyches in order to heal the shame traditionally associated with incarnation in a female body. 

Touching on images of the Divine feminine that have survived in other cultures is one way to help in this healing process.  The modern "goddess movement" taps into these different cultural resources.  Discovering hidden elements of the Divine feminine within the patriarchal religions is another way.  Integrating these images and discoveries into your experience of your own physical, female body brings the spiritual dimension of the feminine "Home" and grounds it in your body in a practical way so that it can directly empower your own life—as you live it, at this time, in this place, on planet Earth.

It is my deep and fervent desire that the knowledge and practical resources available through this website support women in their quest to grow into their full, grounded spiritual power and actualized radiant health on every level.

I would love to explore your own aspirations and challenges with you, as a catalyst to build momentum for your further development as a woman.  Clarity, in itself, can help immensely!  Please contact me to arrange for your free 60 to 90-minute Whole Body Goddess Empowerment Session!


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The body is like an ocean,

Rich with hidden treasures.

Open its innermost chamber

And light its lamp.

          16th century poet

The world will be saved by the Western woman.

           --The Dalai Lama