You can still register for the September 14 Whole Body Goddess workshop and get the earlybird price!

I am new to doing business online, and there were technical glitches that prevented some women from registering for the workshop while the early bird discount was still in effect. I have created this special version of the registration process for you since you had expressed interest earlier but not been able to complete your registration.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  

(You cannot navigate to this "special invitation" page from within the website, so you will need to get to it from the link in your email invitation or by using your browser's "back" button during this session if you go to a different page before completing your registration and payment.)

The Whole Body Goddess (WBG) Workshop is a beautiful opportunity for women to learn the powerful WBG holistic self-healing and self-care practices in a safe, nurturing, supportive atmosphere of sacred space, privacy, and respect.

The Workshop is experiential, down-to-earth, practical, and deeply inspiring.  

You will learn to:

  • Activate your heart-feeling love energy and use it for self-healing and integration of spiritual and physical values.
  • Safely and naturally stimulate increased, balanced hormone production.
  • Remove stagnant energy from the breasts to help prevent breast cancer and other problems.
  • Realign your posture and strengthen your pelvic floor to help prevent prolapsed organs, urinary incontinence and other problems that may accompany organ prolapse.  (These issues eventually affect 70% of women.)
  • Circulate vital energy throughout your body for radiant health and well-being.
  • Be confident in your womanhood and grounded in your natural dharmic authority as a woman.
  •  Appreciate and enliven both your fiercely protective and your infinitely receptive feminine energies.
  • Rejuvenate and strengthen your sexual organs if age-related atrophy or skin fragility are issues for you.  This is important for general health and vitality, whether you are sexually active or not.
  • Eliminate shame associated with being in a body, especially a female body, and the sexual aspect of your nature as an embodied human being—essential for full blossoming of your radiant health.
  • More deeply appreciate the archetypal Cosmic feminine energies that create, sustain, and dissolve the world—as expressed in your own body. 

I keep thinking how different my life would be if my mother had guided me to acknowledge and honor the goddess in my body as Susanna did in her workshop.  This work is foundational to the happiness and well-being of all women.                                                                                                         --J.D., Iowa

We address each of the female organs during the workshop--the breasts, the ovaries, the womb (uterus), the vulva, and the yoni (vagina)--in a holistic way.  This workshop is not specifically about increasing your capacity for sexual pleasure, though this can be a natural side-effect, depending on your individual intentions and life situation.  The self-care practices in the workshop involve healing, loving (not specifically sexual) touch.  The workshop is entirely suitable both for sexually active women and for celibate women who prefer to maintain settled energy.

You can simply enjoy the Workshop as a sublime and powerful expansion of your self-knowledge and an initiation into a deeper appreciation of yourself as a woman.   And, for deeper transformation, you can integrate the self-care practices you learn into your health routines in ways that address your individual concerns over time.

I suffered from typical menopausal symptoms—my tissues were dry and tissue-paper thin.  My vagina burned during sex with my husband, and I was afraid the tissues might tear.  Naturally, I was reluctant to engage in painful intercourse.  Without frequent use, the tissues became even more fragile.  I felt sad for my kind and patient husband.

After a couple of months of the vaginal self-care I learned in Susanna's workshop, just a few minutes a day, my tissues became thicker, moist and elastic and the burning went away.  My husband was delighted—and so was I!

                                                                      --K.B., Iowa

The Whole Body Goddess Workshop is a one-day event, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Participants bring a light bag lunch and eat together at the facility in order to maintain the settled and protected energy of the group.

Fee for this workshop is now $165.00, including handouts and some materials to use at home.  However, you will be able to pay the earlier rate of $140 after submitting the registration form below.

Because of limited space, the materials package you receive, and the need for privacy and a settled atmosphere, advanced registration is required.

I would love to have you at the Ottawa workshop!  Here is the registration form for the event:

Ottawa Workshop Registration Form with Early Bird Discount

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