Susanna McCan's Bio

Susanna is an alchemical workshop facilitator, personal coach, and cultural change agent who works with women who want an alternative to the "cultural default setting" of losing sexual attractiveness with age.  She helps women cultivate radiant beauty, sexual vitality and health, confidence, and magnetism--at any age.

Susanna developed the Whole Body Goddess™ workshop and self-healing practices based on decades of education, spiritual practice, research, and life experience:

  • Strong religious but open-minded upbringing.
  • Graduated Harvard University, with focus on cultural anthropology and Jungian psychology.
  • Lifelong study of comparative religions and the esoteric and mystical roots of most world religions.
  • Meditating since age 20.
  • Taught meditation to 600-800 people, gave in-residence meditation courses, administered a major east coast meditation center.
  • U.S. Congressional staff, on Member's personal and committee staffs, organizing hearings, writing speeches, etc.  Gained perspective on the relationship between collective consciousness and the wielding of political power.
  • More than 5 years of full-time, focused spiritual practice, including three years in a reclusive women's community.
  • 12 years Taoist Qi Gong training and practice, including women's sexual energy training.
  • Training as a life coach with Coach University, Inc.  Developed a coaching practice designed around the special needs of visionaries and cultural creatives.
  • Holistic architectural design and consulting throughout North America, based on an ancient system of sacred architecture.  Applied patterns of natural law operating on different levels of creation for alignment of local, physical creations (homes) with Cosmic intelligence, to align the individual lives of the residents with Cosmic life.
  • Wide range of relevant personal life experience--growing up in a very religious subculture that mostly ignored sexuality; coming of age during the "sexual revolution" and the "feminist movement"; years of full-time spiritual practice as a celibate; married for 17 years, having a beautiful daughter; extensive study and some experience with various approaches to "sacred sexuality." 
  • In 2011, developed and started giving the Whole Body Goddess workshop for women, with ongoing refinement and expansion based on growing knowledge and feedback from workshop participants.  (See Testimonials.)

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