The Whole Body Goddess (WBG) Workshop

The Whole Body Goddess (WBG) Workshop is a beautiful opportunity to learn the WBG self-healing practices in a safe, nurturing, supportive atmosphere of sacred space, privacy, and respect.

The Workshop is experiential, down-to-earth, practical, and deeply inspiring.  

You will learn to:

  • Activate your heart-feeling love energy and use it for self-healing and integration of spiritual and physical values.
  • Safely and naturally stimulate increased, balanced hormone production.
  • Remove stagnant energy from the breasts to help prevent breast cancer and other problems.
  • Realign your posture and strengthen your pelvic floor to help prevent prolapsed organs, urinary incontinence and other problems that may accompany organ prolapse.  (These issues eventually affect 70% of women!)
  • Circulate vital energy throughout your body for radiant beauty, health, and well-being.
  • Be confident in your womanhood and grounded in your natural dharmic authority as a woman.
  •  Appreciate and enliven both your fiercely protective and your infinitely receptive feminine energies.
  • Rejuvenate and strengthen your sexual organs if age-related atrophy or skin fragility are issues for you.  This is important for general health and vitality, whether you are sexually active or not.
  • Eliminate shame associated with being in a body, especially a female body, and the sexual aspect of your nature as an embodied human being—essential for full blossoming of your radiant health.
  • More deeply appreciate the archetypal Cosmic feminine energies that create, sustain, and dissolve the world—as expressed in your own body! 

Workshop participants consistently report feeling very comfortable and secure in the sacred, private environment of Susanna's workshops.

You can simply enjoy the Workshop as a sublime and powerful expansion of your self-knowledge and an initiation into a deeper appreciation of yourself as a woman.   For deeper transformation, you can integrate the self-care practices you learn into your health routines in a way that addresses your individual concerns over time.

The workshop fee varies with location costs.  It includes handouts and materials that can be used during practice at home.

To be notified of the next Whole Body Goddess Workshop in your area, please subscribe to The Goddess Connection newsletter or contact me, Susanna McCan.

I am glad to travel to bring the Workshop to more women.  Please also contact me if you would like to help organize the Whole Body Goddess workshop for your community.

I would love to explore your own aspirations and challenges with you, as a catalyst to build momentum for your further development as a woman.  Clarity, in itself, can help immensely!  Please contact me to arrange for your free 60 to 90-minute Whole Body Goddess Empowerment Session!

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