The Whole Body Goddess Empowerment Program

Are You Ready to unfold, heal, and integrate your fabulously delectable, Divine feminine Nature--to saturate your life with more Pleasure, Passion and Power?

Maybe you are starting a new relationship—or you want to find and be prepared for your soul mate, or you want to deepen the intimacy in the relationship you already have.  You KNOW you need to cultivate your feminine energy and consistently EMBODY it, for unshakable confidence in yourself as a woman and the ability to naturally maintain sexual polarity with your Love.  [Our culture has been distorting expressions of “masculine” and “feminine” energies for so many thousands of years, the solution is NOT to try to be more “feminine!”]

Maybe it is time for you to take your business to the next level, and you know this requires the courage to be VISIBLE in ways you have not been before, with authentic authority and balanced charisma.  [Unconscious sexual shame/ fear and unconscious cultural beliefs about women and money can be major factors in your resistance to the inner development you know you need to create your next level of financial success.] 

OR Maybe it is simply time for you to give yourself the gift of CLAIMING YOUR BIRTHRIGHT AS A WOMAN, fully embodied and stabilized in the many dimensions of love and power and delight and blessing inherent in your true Divine feminine Nature!

My one-year Whole Body Goddess Empowerment Program includes: 

  • An initial “Get to Know You, Goddess Awakening” 90-minute assessment and planning session.  We assess where you are along the dimensions of your blossoming as a woman that are most important to you.  We determine what resources you already have and what additional tools you will need to support the development you want.  (Value $375)

  • The Whole Body Goddess Self-Assessment Tool.  You take this self-assessment at the beginning of your Goddess Empowerment year and once per month during the program to track your development, especially in the areas that are most important to you.  (Value $97, available for free on my website, so you can get started now!)

  • My [forthcoming—now in the editing stage of production] Whole Body Goddess 5-hour online webinar or DVD training program that gives background understanding and experiential instruction on profound, holistic self-healing practices for your female organs.  The physical grounding and spiritual/ emotional-energetic INTEGRATION provided by these practices are key to uncovering, recovering, and stabilizing the embodied expression of your authentic feminine qualities.   (Cost $247, knowledge invaluable.  Note:  If you have already purchased this program or attended one of my live, in-person workshops, what you have already paid for either of these will be credited toward your program price.

  • A “Deep Dive Feminine Immersion Week” with accommodations at The Raj, North America’s premier Ayurvedic Hotel and Spa, located near my home in Fairfield, Iowa (the Midwest’s amazing small town spiritual Mecca).  During this week, you will luxuriate in:

(a) Three days of Ayurvedic spa treatments, including an initial consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner to fine-tune your treatment program. 

You will be pampered with 2 ½ hours per day of 2-person coordinated herbalized oil massage and other ancient, powerful relaxation and detox processes, including an amazing Light Therapy with Gems session.  Organic gourmet meals at the Raj during your stay, and luxury accommodations at The Raj for the entire week.  (Value $2910)

(b) In-depth private work with me at my secluded country cottage on a lake, just down the road from The Raj, to customize your Whole Body Goddess self-care practices to your specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and aspirations. 

We will establish powerful energy clearing modalities that you can use throughout the program—and for the rest of your life—to clear old patterns, let go of disappointments and negative expectations related to aging and sexuality, dissolve unconscious shame (typically one of our most challenging sources of resistance in this work) and soften any formerly protective masculine “shells” that now sabotage the masculine-feminine polarities in your intimate partnership, etc.  Some meals at Fairfield’s wonderful restaurants and airport and local transportation included.  (Value $2,500)

(c) BonusA body work session with a local Arvigo Abdominal Therapy practitioner qualified to assess and correct (if needed) the position of your womb.  This includes instruction in a technique (mentioned in my online/ DVD instruction program, but can only be taught in person) to deal with uterine displacement and prevent prolapse, painful menstruation (if you still have your moon cycles), and the many other gynecological problems that can be alleviated through skilled attention to this spiritually and physically powerful but vulnerable female organ.  (Value $175)

Bonus:  A customized session with me and a highly skilled, intuitive personal trainer or yoga instructor to guide you on how to incorporate the Whole Body Goddess practices into your exercise and/or yoga routines to enhance their effectiveness.  This will give you a pricelessly sumptuous approach to exercise and movement that will help you stay motivated to remain active and vital for the rest of your life.  (Value $175)

Two FUN “Goddess Emerging” make-up and wardrobe sessions—one professional and one personal—with my favorite, fabulous image consultant.  As you are emerging from your metamorphosis dive into the Deep Feminine, you will also be updating your outer self-expression, with special attention to fabric textures, colors, etc., that bring out mature beauty and express the goddess archetypes that you so radiantly embody.  Shopping as time allows!  (Value $990)

A special “Bon Voyage” celebration dinner out on your last night in Fairfield.

  • One 50-minute telephone or Skype “Goddess Calibration Session” per month for the remaining 11 months.  The tender transformations that have taken place during your Deep Dive Feminine Immersion Week need to be stabilized and integrated into your life as you encounter challenging situations in real time in our “man’s world” culture.  You also need to celebrate and stabilize the blessings that are coming to you through the shifts you are making!  We assess your progress through the “Stages of Goddess Empowerment,” dissolve resistances you might be experiencing, and adjust your practice(s) if needed.  (Value $3,300)

  • Unlimited email support throughout the year (Value $1,800)

  • One 50-minute “Goddess Breakthrough Session” per month to address your biggest challenge at that point in your life, as you integrate and stabilize your feminine embodiment.  (Value $3,300)

  • “Goddess Embodied!” Celebration and Completion session at the conclusion of Your Empowerment Year.  (Value $350)

I would love to explore your own aspirations and challenges with you, as a catalyst to build momentum for your further development as a woman.  Clarity, in itself, can help immensely!  Please contact me to arrange for your free 60 to 90-minute Whole Body Goddess Empowerment Session!

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