[Note:  The following article was originally published in Natural Presence magazine, Ottawa, Ontario, 2013.]

The World Needs Empowered Women

What do the following “headlines” have in common?

  • Study Finds 51% of Canadian Women Experienced Physical or Sexual Violence by Age 16
  • One out of 4 Girls and 1 in 6 Boys Sexually Abused by Age 18
  • Sex Abuse Scandals Involving Priests Shake Catholic Church to its Core
  • Full-Time Working Canadian Women Average 73% Earnings of Male Counterparts
  • As Fracking Increases, so do Fears about Water Supply
  • 12 Million Hectares of Forest Lost Each Year
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Required Testing on only 200 of 80,000 Potentially Toxic Chemicals in Use—and Regulated Only 5!

All illustrate the horribly destructive effects of underdeveloped feminine values—dysfunction around sexuality and relationships, the devaluation of women in our culture, and the tendency to value convenience and corporate profits over values such as Life, Love, and human and environmental well-being. 

We women who are privileged to be living in developed countries have come a long way in just a few generations, mostly by being able and willing to develop more “masculine” modes of functioning in order to succeed in what has been a “man’s world.”  Even if we have personally been spared the worst of the traumas mentioned above, how many of us have entirely avoided internalizing residual negative cultural attitudes toward women and feminine qualities? 

Have you ever—

  • Felt bad about some aspect of your physical body—weight, shape, or other feature(s)?
  • Felt that you could not be complete or fulfilled without a man?
  • Feared that relaxing into your feminine energy would make you weak and vulnerable to exploitation?
  • Believed that it was appropriate for you to sacrifice your well-being for others (as a “default” life strategy rather than a personal choice in a particular situation)?
  • Noticed that the Divine has been portrayed as masculine and hence the celibate male has been considered the “gold standard” for spiritual authority?

Most of us are aware of the powerful shift now taking place on our planet--the unprecedented wave of evolutionary energy that is raising human consciousness, facilitating the dissolution of old institutions, and attempting to bring into being new patterns that better serve life.

Essential to this shift is the restoration of feminine values—within both women and men—for harmony between men and women and balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of life. 

Women have a crucial role to play in this shift.  The world MUST HAVE deeply empowered, shame-free women established in their authentic feminine Nature.  The Whole Body Goddess workshop I have developed addresses this need through simple but powerful holistic self-care practices addressing the female reproductive system.  I believe that this is the most profoundly effective leverage point for conscious women to fully ground this essential value into their lives and empower themselves to directly or indirectly contribute maximum to the shift that is taking place—or even just to enjoy happier and healthier lives!

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