The Inner Marriage--
an Advanced Workshop for Women

Building on the Whole Body Goddess workshop, this special retreat day takes us further into exploring the integration of the "masculine" and "feminine" energies within us as individuals and:

  • the multidimensional human body as a microcosm of the Cosmos,
  • the practical, embodied meaning of the union of the Masculine and Feminine polarities within the individual,
  • the relationship between sexual desire and the desire of the soul for Union with God,
  • the role of sexual energy in the integration of Divine Light into the subtle and gross levels of the human body, building the "light body," etc., etc.
  • the possibility--through neuroplasticity--for cultivating the Inner Marriage as an inherently euphoric, physiological context for everyday experience.

This event, like the Whole Body Goddess workshop, guides participants into very practical, down-to-earth, physically embodied realizations of what the sages and mystics have been talking about for millennia.

Although certain organs in the reproductive system are specialized for Union between male and female, this Life Force energy is actually present and potentially experienced  throughout the body.  Opening to and cultivating this integration has a profound healing effect and supports general well-being.

Benefits specific to Inner Marriage work:

  • Gain practical understanding and experience of the "Inner Marriage."
  • Learn how to apply some of the practice(s) introduced in Whole Body Goddess to cultivating the Inner Marriage.
  • Infuse more passion into every aspect of your life.
  • Learn how to invite that experience into your everyday life in a way that does not require extra time set aside for focused practice.
  • Understand how cultivating the Inner Marriage can create a powerful template within yourself to more deeply attract and support your engagement with your "outer" intimate partnership(s) and deeper healing in this area.

As with the Whole Body Goddess workshop, you can enjoy the event as an experiential initiation into territory that you may not have previously explored and leave it at that.  Or you can incorporate some practice(s) you learn in the retreat into longer term cultivation of capacities that may be important to you!

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I, Lalla, entered the Jasmine Garden, where Shiva and Shakti were making love.

I melted into Them.

Now, what is all of this to me?

  --Lalla, 14th c.        Kashmiri poet