Whole Body Goddess Workshop Testimonials

I keep thinking how different my life would be if my mother had guided me to acknowledge and honor the goddess in my body as Susanna did in her workshop.  This work is foundational to the happiness and well-being of all women.  I am honored and over-joyed to be counted among Susanna’s students. 

It's truly amazing--the power of being given permission to explore the goddess within was far greater than I anticipated.
                                                                       --J.D., Iowa

Susanna's Whole Body Goddess process is profoundly powerful in helping women  release unresolved emotions, beliefs and stigma held in the body--consciously or unconsciously.  A gentle and learned facilitator, Susanna holds the space of non-judgment and respect as she teaches how to connect with the Divine Feminine and embody it. 

If you want to be more empowered as a woman, fully embracing your feminine aspects, this workshop is for you!  This is not another fluffy goddess workshop!   

                                                          --L.L., Ottawa, ON 

The sacred atmosphere and unique knowledge that Susanna shared about the female form allowed me to land in my body in a very healing way.  Towards the end of the workshop, I noticed that every woman there looked transformed--softened, radiant and relaxed within themselves. 
                                                                      --K.M., Iowa

I think the biggest thing I have taken away from your teaching is renewed ownership for a part of myself that I had put aside and didn't think I would see again in this lifetime.  I have been frustrated in my search for answers to questions about my female organs during perimenopause and menopause.  My medical doctor offered advice in the form of prescriptions.  I tried these remedies, but my body let me know that it didn't like them.  I asked other practitioners--an ayurvedic doctor, a homeopath, other women--but did not find a viable solution.  I decided to put it on the back burner and forget about it. Literally, grin and bear it.

The workshop this past weekend has given me the answers I needed.  The self-care practice is simple and powerful.  I have noticed a new awareness inside and a releasing of tension.  I have a renewed respect for the importance of my feminine self, and I know that things will continue to unfold for a while yet.  I feel powerful:  in my femininity, in my creativity, in my being, in my place in this world.  Seems like a lot from a one-day workshop, but that's what it is!

                                                            --M.J., Ottawa, ON

I kept thinking I was too busy to go to Susanna's workshop, but when I finally did, I was sorry I hadn't made time for it sooner. It was a wonderful experience. Far more than just intellectual information, Susanna created a deep and heartfelt experience. By the time the workshop was over, I felt more awake and comfortable in my own skin than I imagined possible. I also found a new liking and respect for myself and other women that I had not had before.

                                                                       --S.P., Iowa

I suffered from typical menopausal symptoms—my tissues were dry and tissue-paper thin.  My vagina burned during sex with my husband, and I was afraid the tissues might tear.  Naturally, I was reluctant to engage in painful intercourse.  Without frequent use, the tissues became even more fragile.  I felt sad for my kind and patient husband.

After a couple of months of the vaginal self-care I learned in Susanna's workshop, just a few minutes a day, my tissues became thicker, moist and elastic and the burning went away.  My husband was delighted—and so was I!

                                                                      --K.B., Iowa

I have been practicing what I learned in Susanna's workshop for a year now.  Doing the practice daily has been a tremendous benefit to my spiritual life as well as to my physical health and emotional well being.  In general I feel more grounded and integrated.  Cravings and regressive attachments have fallen away spontaneously.  I feel more at peace with my own sexuality and more compassionate in general about this area of human life that can bring both great suffering and great joy. 

I think it is exactly this kind of work that is at the edge of human development and that will perhaps be most instrumental in activating the final step in the complete liberation of the human spirit.  As such, it will also be a great blessing to our beloved planet, all its inhabitants and indeed to the whole universe. 

                                                                       --S.L., Iowa

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